Advantages and Features of Explosion-Proof Limit Switches

Explosion-proof limit switch is a field instrument with automatic control system valve position display and signal feedback. It is used to output the signal output of the valve’s apocalyptic or production-closing position in the amount of day-off (contact), which is accepted by program control or sampled by computer. After confirmation, the next procedure will be executed. The product can also be used as an important valve interlock protection and remote alarm indication in the automatic control system, and can form a complete signal control and return function with the explosion-proof valve control box.
Advantages of explosion-proof limit switches:
1. The indicator is intuitive and eye-catching, waterproof and reliable;
2. The “quick positioning” cam is installed by spline shaft and spring, which can be easily adjusted without tools;
3. Multi-contact terminal, 8 standard contacts to ensure safe and convenient wiring;
4. Standard two-wire interface;
5. Equipped with anti-drop bolts, which will not fall off when attached to it during disassembly and assembly;
6. The connecting part of the stainless steel spindle and the mounting bracket are all in line with NAMUR standard.
Features of explosion-proof products:
1. Multi-point terminal block is optional.
2.DPDT, proximity switch and magnetic switch are available.
3. Four connection brackets conform to NAMUR standard.
4. This product complies with American standard and European standard.
5. The explosion-proof grades are Eexd II B T6 and Eexd II C T6, in line with EN50014/50018.
1. The three-dimensional position indicator can clearly show the position of the valve.
2. Die-cast aluminum alloy shell, powder coating, compact design, beautiful appearance, reduced valve package volume, and reliable quality.
3. Dual wire interface and dual 1/2 NPT pipe interface.
4. Signal feedback device.
5. The indicator can clearly identify the switch position.
6. There are 8 contacts in the multi-contact internal circuit board (6 for switch, 2 for spiral electric conduit connection) The terminal board conforms to the standard of micro-switch, including DPDT switch, valve position transmitter ( 4~20mA), mechanical micro switches, proximity switches, magnetic switches, etc. It can be used for the connection of solenoid valves.
7. “Quick Position” cam; adjustable cam for limit switch is splined and spring mounted; quick adjustment of switch cam position without tools.
8. Use PCB instead of wiring to prevent short circuit.
9. Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 70℃, waterproof and dustproof protection grade: IP67, explosion-proof grade: ExdII BT6, Eexd IICT6, in line with EN50014/50018 standard.
10. Double connection ports, standard contacts, safe and convenient wiring.
11. The stand is easy to install. There are four types of brackets that comply with the Namur standard and the ISO5211 standard. Any rotary actuator can be easily installed.
12. Anti-shedding bolts, which will not fall off when the bolts are connected to the upper cover during disassembly.
13. Easy to install, the stainless steel spindle connection part and the mounting bracket conform to VDI/VDE 3845, NAMUR standard.
14. Corrosion.
15. There are standard type and explosion-proof type.

Post time: Sep-19-2022