Introduction and characteristics of explosion-proof limit switch

The explosion-proof limit switch box is an on-the-spot instrument for checking the valve condition in the control system. It is used to output the starting or closing position of the valve, which is received by the program flow controller or sampled by the electronic computer, and the next program flow is implemented after verification. This product can also be used as an important valve chain maintenance and remote control alarm indicator in the control system. The design of ITS300 explosion-proof limit switch box is novel and beautiful, and the three-dimensional position indicator can clearly identify and indicate the valve position. The internal structure of the 8-electrode connecting line is convenient to connect to the PCB board to avoid short-circuit failure. The control measures can be selected according to the construction site conditions. Proximity switch, Magnetic switch and installation data signal feedback device. Suitable for valves and electric actuators in risk areas, the structure is compact but firm, in line with EN50014 and 50018, and the waterproof grade IP67 standard aluminum shell gives reliable explosion-proof characteristics.
Features of explosion-proof limit switch box:
◆Three-dimensional position indicator can clearly indicate the position of the valve.
◆Die-cast aluminum alloy casing, powder coating, compact design, beautiful appearance, reduced valve packaging volume, and reliable quality.
◆Multi-wire socket with double 1/2NPT pipe interface.
◆Data signal feedback device.
◆The switch position can be clearly identified by the indicator.
◆The multi-contact plug-in board is connected to 8 contact surfaces (6 for switches, 2 for solenoid electrical hose connection). The plug-in board conforms to the micro-switch specification, including DPDT switch option and valve position intelligent transmitter (4~20ma), mechanical equipment micro switches, proximity switches, magnetic switches, etc.
◆Quickly position the camshaft; the adjustable camshaft with the limit switch installed according to the spline shaft and the torsion spring; the position of the switch camshaft can be quickly adjusted without software.
◆Use PCB board instead of wiring to avoid short circuit failure.
◆Double sockets, standardized contacts, safe and convenient.
◆Anti-hair loss anchor bolts, when disassembling and assembling, the anchor bolts are tightly attached to the upper cover and are not easy to fall off.
Corrosion resistance


Post time: May-25-2022