KGSY Successfully Participated in the 2023 Shanghai International Fluid Machinery Exhibition

   KGSY is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic valve component, showcased its expertise and innovation in the fluid machinery industry at Shanghai International Fluid Machinery Exhibition on March 7th to 10th, 2023. The exhibition was a platform for KGSY to introduce its valve limit switch boxes, solenoid valve, air filter regulator, and positioner, which are designed to offer superior performance and reliability.

   One of the highlights of KGSY’s exhibit was its valve limit switch boxes, which provide a cost-effective solution for valve position feedback. The switch boxes come in various configurations, the option of either a mechanical or proximity switch. They are designed for easy integration into any system and offer reliable performance, ensuring smooth operation of valves.

   Another critical component on display was KGSY’s solenoid valve. The valve features robust construction, ensuring high durability even in harsh environments. Its compact size and lightweight make it easy to install and maintain.

   KGSY also showcased its air filter regulator, which is designed to ensure optimal air quality and pressure regulation in pneumatic systems. The regulator offers precise control of output pressure, ensuring smooth and stable performance of automated systems. Its rugged design and high-quality materials ensure a long service life, making it ideal for industrial applications.

   Finally, KGSY introduced its positioner, which is used for accurate and repeatable positioning of control valves. The positioner offers high-precision control, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of automated systems. Its robust design and advanced features make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals.

   Overall, KGSY’s participation in the Shanghai International Fluid Machinery Exhibition was a great success. The company’s cutting-edge valve technology, including valve limit switch boxes, solenoid valve, air filter regulator, and positioner, received significant attention from visitors. With its dedication to innovation and quality, KGSY is well-positioned to continue driving progress and growth in the fluid machinery industry.

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Post time: Mar-10-2023