Limit Switch Boxes Introduction

Valve limit switch box is a field instrument for automatic valve position and signal feedback. It is used to detect and monitor the piston movement position inside the cylinder valve or other cylinder actuator. It has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable quality and stable output performance, and is widely used.
Valve limit switch box, also known as valve position indicators, position monitoring indicator, valve position feedback device, valve position switch, can be installed on switch valves such as angle valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, etc., to output the valve status in the form of switch signal, which can be It is easy to connect to the on-site PLC or DCS system to realize the remote feedback of the valve switch status.
The research on valve feedback devices in various countries is basically the same, but there are certain differences in product quality and price. Valve feedback devices can generally be divided into contact and non-contact. Most of the contact feedback devices are composed of mechanical limit switches. Due to the existence of mechanical contact parts, it is easy to generate sparks. Therefore, when using in explosion-proof occasions, it is necessary to install an explosion-proof casing, which is very cumbersome. If the valve moves frequently, the accuracy and life of the feedback device will decline. The non-contact feedback device generally adopts the NAMUR proximity switch. Although it overcomes the shortcomings of the contact feedback device, it needs to be used with a safety barrier in explosion-proof occasions, and the cost is high.

Post time: Jun-24-2022