New version of KGSY website is online

On May 18th, the new portal website of Wenzhou KGSY Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was officially launched after two months of preparation and production!
In order to provide you with a smoother browsing experience and enhance the corporate network image, the new version of the official website of KGSY has made key optimizations and upgrades in terms of website style, section functions, and labeling processing.
Wenzhou KGSY Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a professional and high-tech manufacturer of valve intelligent control accessories. The independently developed and manufactured products main include valve limit switch box (position monitoring indicator), solenoid valve, air filter, pneumatic actuator, valve positioner, pneumatic ball valve etc, which are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, power, metallurgy, paper-making, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, water treatment etc.
The style is simple but not simple. The new official website of KGSY the first-line brand website as the benchmark. The page adopts the flat design concept, the corporate theme color gray is the main color, and the grid design of the main navigation column and the labeling of information content are used to comprehensively improve the viewing comfort of the viewer.
The panel function is more practical. KGSY’s new official website follows the principle of ease of use and practicality. The entire website can be divided into 6 major sections, including HOME, PRODUCTS, FAQS, DOWNLOAD, ABOUT US, and CONTACT US.
KGSY was founded nearly 8 years ago. Thanks for your support and trust in KGSY along the way. KGSY is also constantly committed to the upgrading and improvement of products and services. The website revision is only one aspect of KGSY’s reform. In the future, we will change more and make more progress. Looking forward to working with you through trials and tribulations, hand in hand.1_凯格赛扬

Post time: May-18-2022