What are the air filter replacement conditions?

With the continuous serious environmental pollution, our physical and mental health has been greatly harmed. In order to better absorb clean and safe gas, we will buy air filters. According to the application of the air filter, we can obtain fresh and clean air, which is beneficial to ensure our health. After the air filter is used for a long time, the performance index level will be reduced to a certain extent. Currently, the air filter must be removed and replaced. What are the main aspects of air filter removal and replacement standards? Let us analyze this problem in detail. Let's find out.
When the air filter's exhaust volume is reduced to a very low level, if it only reaches 75% of the rated wind speed, it will need to be removed and replaced. If the exhaust volume of the air filter is too small, it will affect the actual effect of indoor natural ventilation, and cannot achieve the expected overall ventilation goal, and must be disassembled and replaced.
If the operating wind of the air filter is getting slower and slower, it must be disassembled and replaced when the wind force is less than 0.35m/s. Otherwise, the actual screening effect of the air filter will be very poor, making it impossible for customers to apply it normally. We can get a detailed grasp of the wind power from the daily inspection operation of the equipment.
If the air filter has an irreparable leak, the air filter must be removed and replaced. In addition, when the operating frictional resistance of the air filter becomes higher and higher, it will damage the daily application of mechanical equipment, making the operation effect of the air filter very unstable. At this time, the removal and replacement of the air filter must also be performed. Only in this way can the air filter function normally again, bringing great convenience to everyone's daily life.
The above is the detailed standard and specific content about the disassembly and replacement of the air filter, we can fully grasp it according to the above situation. It is not difficult to see that in daily life, we should have a good grasp of the actual operating characteristics of the air filter, so as to fully grasp the operation of the air filter, and immediately disassemble and replace it in the process of problems. Then make our daily life more convenient.


Post time: Jun-20-2022