What is an air filter and what it does

Air filter (AirFilter) refers to a gas filtration system, which is generally used in purification workshops, purification workshops, laboratories and purification rooms, or for dustproofing of electronic mechanical communication equipment. There are initial filters, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filters and sub-high efficiency filters. Different models have different standards and application efficiencies.
In pneumatic technology, air filters, pressure reducing valves and lubricators are called the three major components of pneumatics. For multiple functions, these three pneumatic elements are usually assembled together in sequence, called a pneumatic triple. For air purification, filtration, decompression and moisturizing.
According to the air intake direction, the installation sequence of the three parts is the air filter, the pressure reducing valve and the oil mist device. These three parts are indispensable air source equipment in most pneumatic systems. Installation near the air-using equipment is the ultimate guarantee of air compression quality. In addition to ensuring the quality of the three major pieces, factors such as space saving, convenient operation and installation, and any combination should also be considered.
(1) Coarse filter
The filter material of the coarse filter is generally non-woven fabric, metal wire mesh, glass wire, nylon mesh, etc. Its structure has plate type, foldable type, belt type and winding type.
(2) Medium efficiency filter
Commonly used medium-efficiency filters are: M-I, Ⅱ, Ⅳ plastic foam filters, YB glass fiber filters, etc. The filter material of the medium-efficiency filter mainly includes glass fiber, mesoporous polyethylene plastic foam and synthetic fiber felt made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.
(3) High efficiency filter
Commonly used high-efficiency filters have baffle type and no baffle type. The filter material is ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper with very small pores. The use of very low filtration speed improves the filtration effect and diffusion effect of small dust particles, and has a high filtration efficiency.
Classification and function:
The compressed air from the air source contains excess water vapor and oil droplets, as well as solid impurities, such as rust, sand, pipe sealant, etc., which will damage the piston seal ring, block the small vent holes on the components, and reduce the components service life or make it ineffective. The function of the air filter is to separate and reduce liquid water and liquid oil droplets in the air, filter dust and solid impurities in the air, but cannot remove water and oil in the gaseous state.
Air filters are for clean air that meets standards. Generally speaking, ventilation filters are designed to capture and absorb dust particles of different sizes in the air, thereby improving air quality. In addition to absorbing dust, chemical filters can also absorb odors. Generally used in biomedicine, hospitals, airport terminals, living environment and other places. Filters for general ventilation are widely used, such as the microelectronics industry, coating industry, food and beverage industry, etc.

Post time: Aug-06-2022